1. Jah Guide & Protect (Remixes)
    Alpha & Omega, Indica Dubs

  2. I&I A Conqueror / Mighty Warrior
    Danny Red, Indica Dubs, Echo Vault

  3. Coming Of The Lord / The Vision
    Indica Dubs meets Conscious Sounds

  4. Seek & Find
    Indica Dubs, Mr Zebre, Alex Sci Fi

  5. Jah Is Our Ruler / Can't Stop The Rastaman
    Earl Sixteen, Danman, Indica Dubs

  6. Show A Likkle Love / Noah's Promise
    Danman, Shelly Ravid, Indica Dubs, Ashanti Selah

  7. Dub In The Ghetto / Downtown Dub

  8. King Of Zion / Strings Of Zion
    Ras Mykha, Marion, Indica Dubs, Echo Vault

  9. 72 Nations / Nations In Dub
    Indica Dubs, Shiloh Ites

  10. Marching To Zion / Dub Temple
    Indica Dubs, Shiloh Ites

  11. Conquering Lion / Jah Guide & Protect
    Earl Sixteen, Danman, Saxophone Rootsman, Indica Dubs, Forward Fever

  12. Dub Revolution Series
    Indica Dubs, Forward Fever, Crucial Alphonso, Echo Vault

  13. Negus Dub / Kings Dub
    Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds

  14. Militant Dub / Dub The Bass
    Indica Dubs, Uprising Sounds

  15. The Wisest Live Long / Menelik I Dub
    Danman, Indica Dubs, Forward Fever

  16. Who Jah Bless
    Alpha & Omega

  17. Ancient Of Days
    Culture Freeman, Indica Dubs, Chazbo

  18. Upliftment Dub / Dubwise
    Indica Dubs & Weeding Dub

  19. Put Down The Gun (2050 Remix) / Dub
    King General

  20. Guide You / Guidance Dub
    Shelly Ravid, Indica Dubs, Shiloh Ites

  21. Let Jah
    Earl Sixteen, Indica Dubs, Forward Fever

  22. Herbal Dub / Dub
    Dawa Hi-Fi, Indica Dubs

  23. Over The Waters / Dub
    Echo Roots, Indica Dubs

  24. 420 / 710 Dub
    Echo Vault, Indica Dubs

  25. Tribe Of Judah / Dub
    Shiloh Ites, Indica Dubs

  26. Righteous Man / Liberation Step
    Dan Man, Indica Dubs, Forward Fever

  27. Jah Army / March Of The Bushman
    Dan I Locks, Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds

  28. Something On My Mind / Light Of Jah
    Judy Green, Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds

  29. Oneness Vibration / Leave Those Thoughts
    Culture Freeman, Chazbo, Miss A

  30. Talk To Me / Dubplate Mix (A&O Remix)
    Judy Green, Alpha & Omega

  31. Praise His Name / Dub
    Dan I Locks

  32. Home Grown 3: Skywalker Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  33. Home Grown 2: Raptor Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  34. Home Grown 1: Super Silver Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  35. Free Spirit / Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  36. The Vision / Vision Of Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  37. Talk To Me / Realise Dub
    Judy Green

  38. Arise Jah (Album)
    Dan I Locks

  39. Zion Call / Trodding With Jah
    Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds, I-David

  40. Rebel Music / Dub
    Tenna Star

  41. Tear Down Babylon / Dub
    Dan I Locks

  42. Bless Them / Dub
    I-David, Sukh Indica, Dougie Conscious

  43. Chant For Freedom / Power Of The Trinity
    King Ital, Sukh Indica, Kibir La Amlak

  44. Rule The World / Dub 1 / Dub 2
    Tenna Star

  45. Glory To Jah / Jah Bless Me
    Tenna Star, Reality SoulJahs

  46. Jah Works / Image Of Jah / Tribulation Dub
    Tenna Star, Dan I Locks, Sukh Indica, Uprising Sounds

  47. Blaze It / Clouds Of Dub
    Tenna Star, Sukh Indica, Uprising Sounds

  48. The Vibes / Jah Passage
    Tenna Star, Sukh Indica, Uprising Sounds

  49. Warrior Step / Gift Of Jewels
    Kibir La Amlak

  50. Lion Step / Dub
    Kibir La Amlak


Indica Dubs London, UK

UK/London based dub producer, DJ, and record label.

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