1. Ancient Of Days
    Culture Freeman, Indica Dubs, Chazbo

  2. Upliftment Dub / Dubwise
    Indica Dubs & Weeding Dub

  3. Put Down The Gun (2050 Remix) / Dub
    King General

  4. Guide You / Guidance Dub
    Shelly Ravid, Indica Dubs, Shiloh Ites

  5. Let Jah
    Earl Sixteen, Indica Dubs, Forward Fever

  6. Sound System Series (Full Set)
    Shiloh Ites, Echo Vault, Echo Roots, Dawa Hi-Fi, Indica Dubs

  7. Herbal Dub / Dub
    Dawa Hi-Fi, Indica Dubs

  8. Over The Waters / Dub
    Echo Roots, Indica Dubs

  9. 420 / 710 Dub
    Echo Vault, Indica Dubs

  10. Tribe Of Judah / Dub
    Shiloh Ites, Indica Dubs

  11. Righteous Man / Liberation Step
    Dan Man, Indica Dubs, Forward Fever

  12. Dubplate Series (Full Set)
    Culture Freeman, Chazbo, Miss A, Judy Green, Conscious Sounds

  13. Jah Army / March Of The Bushman
    Dan I Locks, Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds

  14. Something On My Mind / Light Of Jah
    Judy Green, Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds

  15. Oneness Vibration / Leave Those Thoughts
    Culture Freeman, Chazbo, Miss A

  16. Talk To Me / Dubplate Mix (A&O Remix)
    Judy Green, Alpha & Omega

  17. Praise His Name / Dub
    Dan I Locks

  18. Home Grown Series (Full Set)
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  19. Home Grown 3: Skywalker Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  20. Home Grown 2: Raptor Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  21. Home Grown 1: Super Silver Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  22. Free Spirit / Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  23. The Vision / Vision Of Dub
    Indica Dubs & Conscious Sounds

  24. Talk To Me / Realise Dub
    Judy Green

  25. Arise Jah (Album)
    Dan I Locks

  26. Zion Call / Trodding With Jah
    Indica Dubs, Conscious Sounds, I-David

  27. Rebel Music / Dub
    Tenna Star

  28. Tear Down Babylon / Dub
    Dan I Locks

  29. Bless Them / Dub
    I-David, Sukh Indica, Dougie Conscious

  30. Chant For Freedom / Power Of The Trinity
    King Ital, Sukh Indica, Kibir La Amlak

  31. Rule The World / Dub 1 / Dub 2
    Tenna Star

  32. Glory To Jah / Jah Bless Me
    Tenna Star, Reality SoulJahs

  33. Jah Works / Image Of Jah / Tribulation Dub
    Tenna Star, Dan I Locks, Sukh Indica, Uprising Sounds

  34. Blaze It / Clouds Of Dub
    Tenna Star, Sukh Indica, Uprising Sounds

  35. The Vibes / Jah Passage
    Tenna Star, Sukh Indica, Uprising Sounds

  36. Warrior Step / Gift Of Jewels
    Kibir La Amlak

  37. Lion Step / Dub
    Kibir La Amlak


Indica Dubs London, UK

UK/London based dub producer, DJ, and record label.

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